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installation videos submitted by our
good friend (and Ukulele Ninja) Adam


New from JJB-ELECTRONICS comes the
Prestige-110 Ukulele Pickup System!

We have custom built many of these for our customers over the
years. The positive response from them has been nothing short
of overwhelming! We decided that it is about time that we added
it to the standard lineup.

These are built using very high quality 20mm piezo's, which is
what we have found to be the best suited for a Ukulele. These
can be used with or without a preamp with fantastic results.

This system utilizes a single piezo configuration for a crisp
sound. Due to the small scale of a Ukulele, a single piezo
configuration like this one is more than sufficient to pick up the
full range of the instrument. If you are shopping for a pickup for
your baritone ukulele, you might consider our Prestige-220
system due to the larger scale of this instrument.

These special surface transducers are under less pressure than
under saddle pickups thus decreasing the likelihood of them
transmitting a percussive or harsh sound. The piezo is designed
to pick up the resonance found in a significant amount of the
soundboard. These do not "fade" or distort at high volume or
with high-power systems. The highs are crystal clear while the
lows are, what they should be, low! They are very responsive.
This pickup configuration is offered in several high end
instruments. All of our products feature quality components and
construction. These utilize a nickel plated premium ¼ endpin
jack that is of equal quality to those manufactured by Switchcraft.

These, like all of our systems, can be installed in about 15
minutes! The single piezo configuration is a very straight-
forward and easy to install system. They are a very simple and
inexpensive means of turning your acoustic instruments in to
acoustic electric. Please don’t let the price fool you!
Soprano Ukulele
Concert Ukulele
Tenor Ukulele
Several of you may be wondering,
"so how does it sound". Please click
here to check out our new
customer-submitted sound clip page
for a demo.
Click here to view the installation
instruction document
Our good friends at Guitarbear
were kind enough to put together
this great tutorial on the
installation of a Prestige-110.
Follow this and you will have a
flawless installation. Click on the
Please note that the volume control system above is shown with the
Prestige-330 for illustration purposes only. Adding it to your Artist series
system will not change what system you are ordering. It will just add the
volume control.
Now you can
upgrade your
Artist series
pickup system with
a discreet
mounted volume
control by using
the drop-down
menu above!